Water damage caused by a slab leak

Minimizing Damage to Properties in Frisco & Beyond

When you suspect a leak under your home’s slab, it can be unsettling. Not knowing the exact cause or the extent of the damage certainly doesn’t help. Thankfully, the experienced professionals at CPR Plumbing Services are here for you.

We make sure that our customers receive the fast, decisive action they deserve. Contact our slab leak detection specialists in The Colony today to get started!

Causes of Residential Slab Leaks

There can be many underlying causes of slab leaks. In older homes, copper was commonly used as a material for hot and cold water supply lines. This kind of piping is extremely susceptible to the harmful effects of hard water buildup. Over time, harsh elements in the water will cause the walls of copper pipes to weaken, which causes leaks.

During construction, any damage done to copper that goes unnoticed will only accelerate the deterioration of these pipes. Other factors, such as expansion and contraction due to temperature change and corrosive soils, will also affect the life of plumbing underneath your slab. Regardless of the cause, CPR Plumbing Services will pinpoint the trouble spot and make the necessary repairs.

Home Slab Leak Detection

The trained personnel at CPR Plumbing Services can pinpoint the source of the leak using specialized equipment which doesn’t require demolition or disruption of the household. Once the source has been found, CPR will consult with you to determine the best course of action for making repairs. It’s important that we take care of the leak quickly so that it doesn’t develop into a more serious issue down the line.

There are a few signs to watch out for that may indicate that you have a slab leak:

  • The sound of running water when there are no faucets on
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Visible cracks in floors or walls of the basement
  • Hot spots on the slab itself
  • Moisture and mildew in carpeted areas
  • Excessively strong odors in your basement

Water Line Slab Leak or Sewer Slab Leak?

The two main culprits of slab leaks are burst water lines and sewer slab leaks and the remedies to the problem depend on where the water is coming from. If your slab leak is a sewer slab leak, then you might notice a foul smell and there’s an increased likelihood of mold growth.

Our The Colony sewer slab leak repair specialists are at your service and can preform sewer line repair at a moment’s notice so feel free to give us a call. Water line slab leaks are often caused because old pipes are often made of copper and aren’t very resistant to hard water. If this is the issue you’ll just need some repiping and you should be able to avoid foundation problems.

Foundation Leak Repairs

Repair solutions may range from removing a portion of the slab to access the trouble spot, tunneling under the slab to avoid tearing open the floor, or simply re-routing the line so that it no longer runs under the slab.

Our goal at CPR Plumbing Services is to repair the problem as soon as possible and with as little disruption to the home as possible.

If you suspect that your home may be in need of slab leak repair in The Colony, call us at (469) 514-5707 today to schedule your free estimate.